November 30, 2008


1st of all we'd like to thanks all of our customers and also u...yang kritik and komen our cupcakes..we'd really appreciate that.

The feedback was unbelievable and we promise to upgrade our cupcakes =)

Here's the pics ordered from our customers...

In case korg tak percaya...these are the cuppies baked by us...hahaha
One way of promotion nih...=p

It's choc cupcakes...eventhough the design looks so simple yet it's the best taste we'd ever made!!

Latest cupcakes ordered....vanilla flavour..u should try this

November 25, 2008

~...Nantikan Kemunculannya...~

Hi everyone!!!

We'll update our cupcakes soon..very soon..So wait 4 it..!!
Feel free to comment and of course...order =)

Pricing are as follow: (2.5" cupcake size)
  • vanilla cupcakes- RM35 per box (contain 16 cupcakes)
  • chocolate cupcakes- RM40 per box (contain 16 cupcakes)
or u can add up cupcakes with this special offer:

  • vanilla cupcakes- RM49 per box (contain 25 cupcakes)
  • chocolate cupcakes- RM56 per box (contain 25 cupcakes)

Again any enquiries/to order; call or email us at-->

November 18, 2008

Our 1st Customer Ordered!!!

Chocolate cupcake

The same cupcake with better taste and look =)

November 17, 2008

November 16, 2008

1st Attempt

Hye viewers...!!!
As promised, we continue updating our cupcake design as well as the taste too...we'd really appreciate if u guys can give some ideas so that we can improve our products =)


November 9, 2008

Flower cupcakes...
Enjoy & taste our new handmade cupcakes