December 25, 2008

An exhausted week!!!

Hii guys...
This week was the busiest week we'd ever had...after working hours,go back and do the cuppies thing and the next day go back to work..haih~

And after all the hardwork, we managed to finish all the cupcake ordered =) lega rasanya....

Mix choc and vanilla cupcakes~

Choc cuppies

December 23, 2008

2 a.m

New updates!!
We thank you for all the support and hope to continue upgrading our deco skills...and yes it's not easy for us..mcm yg korg ckp la..btol ke nadia and anis yg buat cupcake ni or we just be the mid person to sell those cuppies...hohoho we did ourselves next time u taste our cupcakes mean our hand made cupcakes =)

Pics of the day

Sy paling suke yg nih =p

Another cuppies for the couple..

100 cuppies...phew~

December 19, 2008


New cupcakes update!!!
Check this out....(lg2 ayat yg sama je hehe..)
Fyi...Masa decorating these cuppies, we both starving with those cuppies..Tak tahan!!!if it is not for the order, da selamat da...hahah
The 1st pic is for Linda..Selamat Pengantin Baru!!it's for her lil' cousin..i'm sure they'll love it.
2nd ordered from Anis's collegue..just a simple deco with buttercream and choc ganache topping..

Selamat Pengantin Baru Linda!!


December 17, 2008


We're currently in a process of improving our deco skills...i'm sure u guys want a new gorgeous design and a better taste everytime u ordered our cupcakes...we both really love fondant cupcake and we bet u too rite..??

So in order to do that, kena attend class dia...currently we're doing buttercream frosting and hope to make a fondant cupcakes by next wait for the new look of our cupcakes!!Can't wait to attend the class....sigh~

Fondant cupcake..doesn't it look cute??geram!!!huh

December 12, 2008


Salam n Hii everyone..

As usual, cupcakes ordered from u will be publish here to let u guys and viewers view our handmade cupcakes...A lot of people ask what's so special about our cupcakes...*wink*

The feedback was fantastic!!Nama lagi delicious cupcakes in town..=p's the pics of the week..check this out~

Occasion: Hantaran Pertunangan..

December 11, 2008


For cuppies lovers....

We're now in Penang...!!!
Just a simple phone call and u r ready for the delicious cupcakes in town!!
We'd already include at the left side of our blog on how u can place an grab ur cupcakes now!!!!

(p/s: kpd kwn2 ku yg jauh nun di mn2 saja tp bukan di Penang, kami berdua mintak maap le tak dpt memenuhi permintaan yg mencurah2...hahaha...but we do promise to you that our cupcakes will go to ur town soon!!!!)

Nadia and Anis

~...NEW POST....~

Cuppies for Soraya Adleen.. =p

It's for Ammar's Birthday...

December 4, 2008


Yesterday cupcake making was the biggest challenge for both of us..We have to make 100 cupcakes and the sizes is the smallest from other cupcakes' size (lebih kurang besar cup almond london tu..)
The cupcakes are colourful<----customer's request

and here's the pic...

It's so colourful smpai nk terjuling2 mata masa susun...hahah

Tabah gle...=p

December 3, 2008


Hye viewers....
We keep uploading pics of cupcakes ordered from our customers...
For those who want to place and order, we recommend u to 1st give us some sort of design and colour u want so that we can satisfy well us..

Ordered from our bachelors....=p

noq's for ur mom..hope she'll like it =)