February 22, 2009

Strawberry on the cupcakes~

Last week cuppies...try to add the fruits element plus the lovey things on top of it...happy anniversary to the couple...way long from ipoh...thank you so much ;p

Maybe Datuk K can order from us...ooops ;p

February 13, 2009

Fondant vs Buttercream Icing

Hi guys...
Today's entry is the different between fondant and buttercream icing...for deco purposes, we recommend u fondant cupcakes because it looks stunning...good for special occasion (e.g: hantaran, door gifts) which look presentable..and fondant cuppies too long lasting compare to buttercream icing.it is made of sugar and other ingredients to make it like doh...afterall it is sugar made.dun worry u can eat it!!*wink*

Instead, buttercream is made of butter and sugar and of course it is more tasty than fondant...like the one u used to eat it.If u want to munching those cuppies, chef's recommend -->go for buttercream icing...

Pics for the week


February 5, 2009

Meruntun jiwa~

Hi all..
Today cuppies,we try not to make all the cuppies full of icing as we know ur concern in fat..heheh
So we try as possible to optimize the use of icing and sweetness but at the same time try to satisfy ur need..
Next week cuppies will have more colourful look..Wait for it!!!

Rich in choc & nuts..

Choc curl on top..

February 2, 2009

Grab ur 1st fondant cuppies!!!

Sorry for the "dissapearance" guys...but we back for the yummy taste n look that u cannot handle hahahah...
We open now for those who loved fondant cuppies and yup....we're now in Penang!!!!
Be the 1st to have our lovey dovey cupcakes and we're waiting for u!!!

We do accept special order from u (eg: door gifts) which need to be done in bulk qty.Do call us for details...
And guys!!!thanx again for all the support..we really appreciate that =)

Design upon request...create yours one!!

We just love fondant...don't u??*wink*

Hey...we still do the buttercream icing!!!