October 21, 2008


hye there!!!
welcome to our virtual cupcakes website where you can order and choose your favourite cupcakes here

however all orders are by delivery only in Penang area.

sesiapa yang berminat dan ingin beli cupcake kami,here's how you can order:

To place an order or any enquiries, call us directly:
Nadia: 012-501 1690
Anis: 019-711 2601

Pricing are as follow: (2.5" cupcake size)
  • vanilla cupcakes- RM35 per box (contain 16 cupcakes)
  • chocolate cupcakes- RM40 per box (contain 16 cupcakes)

P/S: pics of our cupcakes will be updated a.s.a.p

interested???call us now =)