January 12, 2009


New taste and look!!!
Yup...We are currently in a new baking project in order to fulfill our customers need...
So wait for it!!!
Coming soon...Lovey dovey creamy chessecake as well as brownie or how 'bout blueberry cheesecake??..it's still in progress..details will be updated soon..


January 5, 2009

Smell good...~

As previous posts, we keep uploading the pics and sorry for the late update coz we've been quite bz lately...cewahh *wink*
We found that a lot of our customers prefer the same design like previous but we'll try to create another gorgeous pretty cute cuppies =)
Again, if u're interested in munching those cuppies , CALL US NOW!!!

McD sundae??

Kak Fara and Sal..