July 22, 2010

2nd Order!

Hi! here our 2nd order=) so excited decorated those cute cuppies. hope mrs costumer enjoy tasted the cuppies!=)

Coming Back!!!!

Guys...as our promised..we r coming back now!!=) really sorry for making u guys waiting for quite a long time. miss our cute n delicious cuppies?? have a look at our new design n our 1st order from my dearie friend, amy.tq darl!...n u guys must hav them.hurry...hurry!

December 7, 2009


Guys...At this moment me and my friend are not taking any orders from y'all until prior notice...But we do hope to do it so as soon as we settle down everything here..yup!!we're now in KL...so give us a short break and we'll try our best to serve u ;p

Nadia & Anis

August 10, 2009


Recently ordered~

* Special promotion for bulk qty.Email/call me for details..We give u bombastic price ever!!Below sample of cupcake+casing
Size :2.5 " cupcake

July 27, 2009

June 29, 2009

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June 17, 2009


Dannea turns 1...ni baby bole mkn ke?ke mak dia??;p

Fondant lg...

June 15, 2009

Father's Day Special!!!

Get cupcakes promotion for only RM40 (*25 cuppies) any flavor...Lighten up this Father's Day and start order now!!!

*buttercream topping only

June 4, 2009

Play Doh~

Mcm play doh pulak fondant ni..tp bole mkn tau fondant ni it's made of icing sugar tp sgt manis ok??hehe..it's tough yet it's fun!!!it's remind us on those years back ms kat tadika dulu huhuhu..

p/s: Qonah, Selamat Bertunang...from me and Anis..this is for you girl.. ;p

Musim org kawen...~

May 26, 2009

Back by Popular Demand!!

This fondant ribbon thingy has become favourite theme for our customer..;p thanks guys!!do support us~nk bukak kedai pulak pasni..insyAllah...hihi

Announcement: Those in KL craving for our cuppies??? I'll be in ur town this coming 6th June..U can make ur order by calling us or email us now!!Delivery will be COD (cash on delivery) ;p

May 20, 2009

May 14, 2009

More entries next week...;p

May 12, 2009

Jual..jual..Part II

Mother's day sudah lepas...the chosen pics~check this out ;p

Tak ketinggalan..Fondant ;p

April 27, 2009


Mother's Day Promotion :

Any flavours of cupcakes 25 pcs (Buttercream only) fast selling will be yours at ONLY RM 40.00..so hurry up..cheer up ur mom at this special day and of course hari2 is their special day..I love u mom!!! =)

Fondant~dis is tough one..no kidding..look simple yet takes time to complete..beginner la katakan ;p

bufday surprise for Zizo from SHA

April 6, 2009


What a busy week...yet we try very hard to complete the orders..hahaha ;p to my business partner anis (jgn gelak ha..) to kak intan..keep supporting us!!yeay...we'll try to make it better and for u out there, we're in penang guys...so we only accept orders within this perimeter..but for viewers outside Penang esp. those in KL who interested in it..
We recommend u--->http://angeliciouscupcakes.blogspot.com/

Check this out..aien!!u owe me babe *wink*

March 23, 2009


Chocolate ganache topping...one of our favourite..=p

March 10, 2009


Check this out....Week entries-no caption..cuci mata saje..*wink*


Fondant (both for hantaran)

February 22, 2009

Strawberry on the cupcakes~

Last week cuppies...try to add the fruits element plus the lovey things on top of it...happy anniversary to the couple...way long from ipoh...thank you so much ;p

Maybe Datuk K can order from us...ooops ;p

February 13, 2009

Fondant vs Buttercream Icing

Hi guys...
Today's entry is the different between fondant and buttercream icing...for deco purposes, we recommend u fondant cupcakes because it looks stunning...good for special occasion (e.g: hantaran, door gifts) which look presentable..and fondant cuppies too long lasting compare to buttercream icing.it is made of sugar and other ingredients to make it like doh...afterall it is sugar made.dun worry u can eat it!!*wink*

Instead, buttercream is made of butter and sugar and of course it is more tasty than fondant...like the one u used to eat it.If u want to munching those cuppies, chef's recommend -->go for buttercream icing...

Pics for the week


February 5, 2009

Meruntun jiwa~

Hi all..
Today cuppies,we try not to make all the cuppies full of icing as we know ur concern in fat..heheh
So we try as possible to optimize the use of icing and sweetness but at the same time try to satisfy ur need..
Next week cuppies will have more colourful look..Wait for it!!!

Rich in choc & nuts..

Choc curl on top..

February 2, 2009

Grab ur 1st fondant cuppies!!!

Sorry for the "dissapearance" guys...but we back for the yummy taste n look that u cannot handle hahahah...
We open now for those who loved fondant cuppies and yup....we're now in Penang!!!!
Be the 1st to have our lovey dovey cupcakes and we're waiting for u!!!

We do accept special order from u (eg: door gifts) which need to be done in bulk qty.Do call us for details...
And guys!!!thanx again for all the support..we really appreciate that =)

Design upon request...create yours one!!

We just love fondant...don't u??*wink*

Hey...we still do the buttercream icing!!!

January 12, 2009


New taste and look!!!
Yup...We are currently in a new baking project in order to fulfill our customers need...
So wait for it!!!
Coming soon...Lovey dovey creamy chessecake as well as brownie or how 'bout blueberry cheesecake??..it's still in progress..details will be updated soon..


January 5, 2009

Smell good...~

As previous posts, we keep uploading the pics and sorry for the late update coz we've been quite bz lately...cewahh *wink*
We found that a lot of our customers prefer the same design like previous but we'll try to create another gorgeous pretty cute cuppies =)
Again, if u're interested in munching those cuppies , CALL US NOW!!!

McD sundae??

Kak Fara and Sal..

December 25, 2008

An exhausted week!!!

Hii guys...
This week was the busiest week we'd ever had...after working hours,go back and do the cuppies thing and the next day go back to work..haih~

And after all the hardwork, we managed to finish all the cupcake ordered =) lega rasanya....

Mix choc and vanilla cupcakes~

Choc cuppies