January 5, 2009

Smell good...~

As previous posts, we keep uploading the pics and sorry for the late update coz we've been quite bz lately...cewahh *wink*
We found that a lot of our customers prefer the same design like previous but we'll try to create another gorgeous pretty cute cuppies =)
Again, if u're interested in munching those cuppies , CALL US NOW!!!

McD sundae??

Kak Fara and Sal..


  1. cet...

    terliur aku tgk...

    bile korang nk kembangkan sayap ke negeri lain pula?

  2. cantiknyer...comelnyer..syedapnyer...

  3. Hai nadia.how's everything with u? hope your cupcake business doing well. have any intention of extending your business 2 kl? there lots of prospect in kl although competition maybe high but now most people love cupcakes n u make beautiful ones. they're colourful n attractive. so keep it up ya. bye. from lembah keramat.

  4. uitt tu akunyer kee heee canteek..tq weh(sal)